A turbo Ford Ranger with a personal connection | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

By Colin Wood
Jun 9, 2021 | $2000 Challenge

Not every project has to have a deep purpose, but sometimes a build can serve as a connection with a person or place. Such is the case for forum member Ranger50, whose Ford 2.3 turbo-powered ’91 Ranger project is dedicated to their late father: “Without his help, parts hoarding, and subsequent passing, this project was stillborn. So the best thing I can do is try to duplicate something he would have wanted from what he had collected.”

Since starting the thread, Ranger50 has gotten the 2.3 turbo in place and, most recently, spent some time improving the Ranger's looks.

Get the latest updates at the Project D2D, a challenging challenge bound Ford Ranger build thread, and be sure to enter your low-buck racing machine at 2000challenge.com if you haven’t already.

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slefain PowerDork
6/11/21 11:22 a.m.

Glad to see Tonto get a good home. I yanked the motor from it and promptly left it in the back of the garage for years. Ranger50 is gonna make it all better now.

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