Champion Oil Unveils Autocross Contingency Program for for 2021

By Colin Wood
Dec 9, 2020 | SCCA, Autocross, NASA, Champion Oil

Photography Credit: J.G. Pasterjak

Champion Oil has announced a contingency program aimed specifically at teams and individuals of every skill level who compete in autocross events across North America for 2021.

The list of included sanctioning bodies includes the SCCA, NASA and many others, as well as numerous specific events and manufactures.

The support is not just for gasoline-powered cars running on asphalt, however, as Champion is introducing programs for virtually all venues—both paved and unpaved—and nearly all disciples of motorsports, regardless if you have gasoline or diesel in your tank.

Registration for the autocross program is now open through June 30, 2021, and can be accessed here.

For more information about the Champion Oil Contingency Program, head to their website at or read the press release below:

Clinton, MO — (SBWIRE) — 12/02/2020 — The 2021 Champion Karting Contingency Program includes, but is not limited to racing series and events such as: SCCA, NASA, NAXM, WDCR, NER, CNY, NCC, Pro-PAX, NOLA, NWOR, NMSC, Rocky Mountain, Rival-S, Boston, Big Sky, Nebraska, Land-O-Lakes, Ohio Valley, Sturgis, Charlotte, Fontana, Atlanta, San Diego, Lone-Star, Chicago, Autocross Hangover, BMW, Pro-Solo Nationals, Solo Championship Tour, Milwaukee Region, San Francisco, Goodguys Autocross, Porsche, Mid-Atlantic, Central Florida, Tire-Rack, Lime Rock, Yellowstone, plus many other manufacturer, national, regional, state and local track series.

Autocross is an individual motorsport in which drivers compete to set the fastest time on a temporary course. Events are usually held on large paved areas, such as parking lots or airfields. Courses consist of turns, offsets, and slaloms marked by traffic cones; new courses are typically created for each event.

The SCCA is the largest autocross sanctioning body in the United States. Various manufacturer-affiliated and independent clubs also hold events. Racing classes are usually defined as Novice, Pro-Solo, Pro-Touring, Pro-R, Street, Street Touring, Street Prepared, Street Modified, Prepared, and Modified.

Champion Motor Oils are the choice of champions in Autocross racing events nationwide. Champion's new 2021 expanded contingency program supports race teams from dirt track to pavement, gas to diesel, as well as autocross to drifting with contingency cash pay-out awards.

Autocross racing teams and racers can apply for the Champion Racing Oil Contingency Program now through June 30th, 2021.

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captdownshift (Forum Supporter)
captdownshift (Forum Supporter) UltimaDork
12/9/20 3:40 p.m.

Hopefully someone with Champion hops in, as I definitely appreciate recognition of those who are excelling within competition and appreciate the support, I do have some questions (no concerns though). Primarily they mention for those who win events. Do they mean FTD, PAX, class above a certain size? 

ChristianK New Reader
3/1/21 6:37 p.m.

In reply to captdownshift (Forum Supporter) :

According to the guy I spoke to at Champion, contingency payouts are $25 for any event win, whatever "win" means, and $50 for a national event win, again with "win" undefined. I didn't even ask for the definition of win, because, according to the paperwork you receive with the starter kit, "Contingency payout [is] allowed for every $100 in verified purchases of Champion products." So to me it seems that, even if "win" is a class win, I could win my class (C Street) at the ProSolo finale and be eligible for a $50 contingency payout, but only if I purchased $100 in Champion products prior to the competition date. And then if I want a chance to collect another $50 contingency payout for winning C Street at Nats later in the week, I had better hurry up and make another $100 purchase of Champion products to qualify. F--k that.

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