GRM Holiday iRacing Series Kicks Off December 28

By J.G. Pasterjak
Dec 28, 2020 | iRacing

Looking for a few on-track thrills this week? Join us in iRacing tonight–as in December 28, 2020–plus tomorrow night and Wednesday night for some fun and high-quality sim racing.

Our winter holiday series kicks off with some fun, gimmicky races open to everyone, and a series finale celebrating vintage IMSA Wednesday night that will be broadcast across GRM platforms by SYM TV

The Monday and Tuesday events are a little on the gimmicky side–it’s good to blow off a little steam this time of year–but the Wednesday finale will be a straight-up race in the DP and GT1 classes, and all the cars will be tuned so a strategically timed fuel stop will be necessary for success.

Tonight’s race will pit blazingly fast but ill-handling RUF-tuned Porsches against super sticky but depowered Formula Mazdas. Both cars are capable of very similar lap times at the Sebring track they’ll compete on, but the top speeds vary by as much as 30 mph. 

Tuesday’s race is another high-delta gimmick, where MX-5 Cup cars get a nine-lap head start on some Indy cars at the Daytona oval for a 20-lap, pursuit-style showdown.

To participate in the Monday or Tuesday races, go to iRacing’s “hosted races” list and look for “Grassroots RUFs and Rotors” (Monday) or “Grassroots High-Delta at Daytona” (Tuesday). Sessions will go live at 10 p.m. Eastern, and the password is“racegrm. 

To join us for Wednesdays televised race, you’ll need to be a member of the “Grassroots Motorsports iRacing” league (#6133). You can apply through the league control panel in iRacing. You can also join our Discord server by clicking this  link for up-to-the-minute news, chat, and shared setups.

We’ve also got some great looking liveries being readied for Wednesday’s feature. Make sure to hit up Trading Paints to get your car properly decorated, and we’ve even got a few GRM logos in this Dropbox folder that you can use. 

And if you don’t feel like designing your own livery, or friend Scott Lear has done up a few GRM-themed designs for the GT1 Corvette C6.R for Wednesday’s race.

If you’re not going to be behind the wheel Wednesday, you can still tune in and watch the broadcast-quality telecast of every second of action by SYM TV. It will be available on our Facebook and YouTube feeds, as well as embedded on our own website.

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tbear2500 New Reader
12/28/20 6:10 p.m.

I had a great time at the Thanksgiving race series and you can bet I'll be back for this one. I'll be streaming POV (in VR) for all three races (assuming I get in) at

12/28/20 6:14 p.m.

I'll be streaming my POV for this as well Should be fun!

Scott Lear
Scott Lear
12/28/20 8:25 p.m.

Streaming at

slowbird SuperDork
12/28/20 10:11 p.m.

I am NOT good enough with a clutch, should have turned on auto blip at least. I think I spent 30 seconds stuck in neutral like a dummy. And that RUF is like a GT car on Prius eco-tires.

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