The Groundbreaking Hydrolastic Suspension Responsible for the Mini’s Otherworldly Handling

By Colin Wood
Nov 11, 2020 | Mini, suspension, Hydrolastic

The original Mini may be best remembered as one of the most successful early compact cars. Clever packaging and a lightweight chassis helped the little car become a performance icon (and Sir Michael Caine seemed to help, too).

However, one of the most groundbreaking features of the Mini wasn’t its transverse engine or surprisingly ample space; it’s the car’s unique "Hydrolastic" suspension.

Not too unlike the setup used on the Citroen DS, the Hydrolastic suspension used interconnected, fluid-filled displacer units at all four corners. Using hydraulic principles, this suspension setup could damp bumps just as well—if not better—than conventional springs.

Read more about the Hydrolastic suspension used in the original Mini over on Classic Motorsports.

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