In the October Issue | Joint Venture: Quick Tips for Joining Aluminum

By J.G. Pasterjak
Jul 21, 2020 | aluminum, Welding, Shop Work

Photography Credit: weldscientist

Anyone who’s ever had a track car has probably done some aluminum fabrication. 

Whether that was a simple hand-formed bracket, or a more complex structure, aluminum’s low cost, ease of availability in big-box stores, high strength-to-weight ratio and mostly benign nature make it the perfect material for even the novice fabricator.

But when it comes to joining two pieces of aluminum, what’s the best method? The answer is that there’s probably isn’t a single answer, but a range of options that vary based on the material, available time and skill of the fabricator. 

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Really looking forward to this one. Every time I get into brazing/soldering/welding different types of aluminum my head begins to spin a bit and I just push the project to the side.

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