Start Your Processors: Sim Racing Schedules

By J.G. Pasterjak
Apr 10, 2020 | Sim Racing

With real-world track activities on lockdown for a while, the motorsports community is moving online. Several sanctioning bodies like SCCA, Lemons and AER have created or officially endorsed online racing venues, while dozens of individuals and independent clubs maintain their own series as well. 

We’ve collected what we could find and listed them here for an easy, one-stop shopping experience. 

If you’d like to have your series listed in this guide, see details at the bottom of the page.


SCCA eSports Hoosier Super Tour and #funwithcars series
Platform: iRacing
Brief description: “SCCA eSports Hoosier Super Tours feature multiple classes and multiple sessions of high-quality road racing streamed live with professional announcers.”
Entry requirements: SCCA membership, iRacing D license or greater.
Schedule: Featured Super Tour races Saturday afternoon. Practice races throughout the weekday evenings, primarily Monday and Thursday.
Points series or individual races: Currently individual races. Talks of a future points series.
April 4: Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta
April 11: Sebring International Raceway
April 18: VIRginia International Raceway
April 25: Circuit of the Americas
May 2: Road America
May 9: Watkins Glen International
May 16: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
Intensity/experience level: “Moderately high. Good, clean racing that’s also welcome and accepting of novices.”


The 24 Hours of Lemons iRacing League. Stream presented by Nemesis Lab
Brief description: “Three classes, mix of driver skills (classic understatement), no idea what we're doing, and probably some other stuff we're forgetting.”
Platform: iRacing
Entry requirements: “See the entry details on the Lemons iRacing League website:”
Schedule: “For now, it's Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. We've gotten 180-plus requests, so we may add additional nights/events.”
Points series or individual races?: "Points, but they don't matter. Winners will get a roll of toilet paper customized with their prize."
Intensity level: Extremely casual.


AER iRacing Championship Prizes by Summit Racing Equipment, Hawk Performance and blipshift.
Brief description: “Races will be covered by Apex Racing TV and streamed live to AER’s Facebook and YouTube pages.”
Platform: iRacing
Entry requirements: AER racing experience or iRacing D license or better.
Schedule: Round 1, Watkins Glen:
Monday, April 13: Practice session (1 hour)
Thursday, April 16: Practice session (1 hour)
Monday, April 20: 30-minute open qualifying, 90-minute points race
Monday, April 27: Practice session (1 hour)
Thursday, April 30: Practice session (1 hour)
Monday, May 04: 30-minute open qualifying, 90-minute points race
Points series or individual races: Prizes for cumulative points at each venue
Intensity level: Casual/friendly


Two Drink Tuesdays Assetto Corsa League
Brief description: “Like racing ’80s tube-frame GT cars? How about Amazon boxes with wheels? All things are possible in this league.”
Platform: Assetto Corsa
Entry requirements: None
Schedule: Tuesday evenings.
Points series or individual races: Individual races.
Intensity level: “Fun but competitive racing, sometimes with an absurd twist (UPS trucks, for example).”


Unofficial iRacing League of SCCA members
Brief description: “Focus on the camaraderie first, competition is secondary. We try to replicate the vibe in the paddock on a race weekend.”
Platform: iRacing
Entry requirements: “SCCA membership. We encourage rookies and newbies. No license requirements.”
Schedule: Friday 8 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m., Saturday 8:30 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m.
Points series or individual races: Points series. “Two of four races per weekend count, two of three weekends count, double points runoffs at end of season.”
Intensity level: “Intensity level is low but skill has a range from aliens to noobs. Very rookie-friendly.”


NASA Great Lake Region iRacing series
Brief description: “NASA Great Lakes iRacing group was formed by John D. Allen and Shane Gorski in an effort to bring the NASA Great Lakes region of racers together within iRacing. We seek to drive at tracks in our region, but also within others, in an effort to learn real racecraft and above all have fun.”
Platform: iRacing
Entry requirements: None, open. 
Schedule: “Official sessions hosted every Saturday and Sunday, but we do have individual members hosting their own practice sessions.”
Points series or individual races: “Individual races as of right now, but we want to form a league as membership and participation in the iRacing group grows.”
Intensity level: Extremely casual.


Trackspec Autosports GT Sport Association (TSGTA)
Brief description: “Multiple classes and rules, including Honda Challenge H1, Spec Miata SM, Super Touring ST4, Spec S2000, Gr.4, Gr.3, Gr.1, and Super Formula. We also do sprint races and enduros.”
Platform: Playstation 4 Gran Turismo Sport 
Entry requirements: “Open to any experienced clean racers. Real-world comp license or time attack experience preferred, but not required.”
Schedule: Every night at 8:30 p.m. PST.
Points series: Weekly championship points series (resets every Monday).
Intensity level: “Semi-serious but fun, drinking while racing is often encouraged.”
Link: Email for an invitation, be sure to include your real-world experience and/or driver ranking.


Series: Kentuckiana Sim Racing League (KSRL)
Brief description: “KSRL runs an annual sim racing series each winter to help grassroots motorsports enthusiasts get through the off-season. We are currently running two new series with multiple classes through the spring with while the racing world is on pause. Join us for close racing and terrible jokes.”
Platform: Gran Turismo Sport
Entry requirements: None
Schedule: Wednesday 8 p.m. Eastern; Sunday 7 p.m. Eastern.
Points series or individual races?: Points series, multiple classes
Intensity level: “Clean competitive racing, also drunk.”


NASA Pro and Club Sim Racing Leagues
Brief description: “NASA’s official sim racing series, featuring multiple classes, and cash and prize payouts in the pro division.”
Platform: iRacing
Entry requirements: NASA membership. Pro races require entry fee and minimum iRacing licensing TBD.
Schedule: Club first and third Tuesday evenings, Pro second and fourth Tuesday evenings.
Points series or individual races: Points
Intensity/experience level: Club geared toward fun competition, Pro more suited for intense competitors.


(Un)official GRM ProjectCARS2 series 
Brief description: “Long-running series for GRM message board members. Car choices shift throughout the series and damage, wear and driving aids are all set to highly realistic modes.” 
Platform: Project CARS2 on PS4 
Entry requirements: PS+ membership. GRM forum membership. 
Schedule: Wednesday evenings. 
Points series or individual races: Points series 
Intensity level: “Fun but dedicated competition with realistic limitations switched on.” 

#GRIDLIFE iRacers 
Brief description: “#GRIDLIFE iRacers hosts full seasons and weekly one-off races for fun, with some of the fastest iRacing drivers on the service competing in some of the most intense races around. Tuesday nights are the big show, including live streaming on Gridlife platforms, plus casual sessions pop up multiple times a week.” 
Platform: iRacing 
Entry requirements: See Facebook group. 
Schedule: Races Tuesday, plus periodic practice sessions. 
Points series or individual races: Both 
Intensity level: “Tuesday points races fairly serious, other events are fairly casual.” 

#GRIDLIFE Track Battle ES 
Brief description: “#GRIDLIFE Track Battle ES brings the Time Attack format from real-world Gridlife events to the e-sports world. Competitors choose one of four classes and run a lap on their own time, submit that time to Gridlife, and the top 20 of each class competes on Wednesday nights with live streaming featuring Gridlife personalities, and a season championship.” 
Platform: Forza Motorsports 7 
Entry requirements: See website. 
Schedule: Weekly. 
Points series or individual races: Points series 
Intensity level: Casual. 

SCCA #funwithcars Sessions 
Brief description: “Multiple sessions with a variety of cars hosted twice a week by the SCCA team, here for anyone to join–even non-members–and get some casual racing or practice. A great steppingstone for the SCCA eSports Hoosier Super Tour.” 
Platform: iRacing 
Entry requirements: SCCA membership preferred but not required. 
Schedule: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30 p.m. Eastern 
Points series or individual races: Individual races 
Intensity level: “Casual, fun and competitive.” 

Dirt Rally 2.0 GRM Club (DLC and Non-DLC
Brief description: “It's cross-platform. You can play on Xbox, PS4 or PC. Weekly events are usually comprised of 4 stages. Usually a service in the middle, but this varies.?Events open at the designated time; you have a week to login and make your runs.” 
Platform: Dirt Rally 2.0 
Entry requirements: None 
Schedule: “Events are weekly, you can complete on your own schedule.” 
Points series or individual races: “Points series. Three weekly events in a Championship usually.” 
GRM thread


Want your series added to these listings? Just drop us an email with the following info:

Series: Name of your series. Feel free to include any sponsors.
Platform: What sim do you run on? (iRacing, ProjectCARS, etc.)
Entry requirements: Any membership, license, or skill requirements?
Schedule: When do your events occur? Please specify time zone. (We’re looking at you, Californians.)
Points series or individual races?: Pretty self-explanatory, we think.
Intensity level: How seriously are you taking this, and what’s the skill level and goals of your typical driver?
Link: Where can someone register or find out more?
Brief description: Tell us a little about your series.

Email your info to JG Pasterjak. Please include the email subject line “Sim Racing Series” so it doesn’t get lost in the spam shuffle.

Some helpful links:

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Check out our own sim racing forum. 


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Maniac0301 Reader
4/9/20 8:50 p.m.

Don't forget our very own GRM Dirt Rally 2 club.  The nice thing about this is that you have a week to do each event.  You don't have to be there at a specific time/date to compete.   The events are also crossplay so you can have Dirt Rally 2.0 on PC, Xbox One, or PS4 and still race.   

Dirt Rally 2.0 is free for anyone with a Playstation Plus membership on the PS4 for this month.  We have a mix of wheel and controller drivers and both are competitive.

JG Pasterjak
JG Pasterjak Production/Art Director
4/9/20 10:41 p.m.
Maniac0301 said:

Don't forget our very own GRM Dirt Rally 2 club.  The nice thing about this is that you have a week to do each event.  You don't have to be there at a specific time/date to compete.   The events are also crossplay so you can have Dirt Rally 2.0 on PC, Xbox One, or PS4 and still race.   

Dirt Rally 2.0 is free for anyone with a Playstation Plus membership on the PS4 for this month.  We have a mix of wheel and controller drivers and both are competitive.

Got your email (and a couple others) and we'll add them before the weekend. We'll probably just keep additions to once a day (probably right near the end of the  work day) so we're not bugging eact other with single additions all day. So look for it on there before 5pm east.


bigben Reader
4/10/20 12:34 a.m.

Anybody doing Autocross events on Live for Speed?  I know it's an older  platform,  but to my knowledge it's the only one that let's you build your own course in the parking lot. 

Colin Wood
Colin Wood Associate Editor
4/10/20 2:27 p.m.

Now updated with a few new series. Keep them coming!

ProDarwin MegaDork
2/25/21 10:19 a.m.

Series: GRM Assetto Corsa Wednesdays
Platform: Assetto Corsa, PC
Entry requirements: None
Schedule: Wednesday ~9pm-11:30pm Eastern
Points series or individual races?: Races, practice, hoonage
Intensity level: Casual
Brief description: Join the discord, chat, drink (optional), and race some cars.  Race types, vehicles, & track options are limitless.

aircooled MegaDork
2/25/21 11:11 a.m.

The  (Un)official GRM ProjectCARS2 series  (PS4) is no longer running.   The remaining participants have moved to the Assetto Corsa Series noted above.

A recent example of some of the action can be seen in this recent post:

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