This turbo V8-powered, $500 BMW is coming back for more | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

By Colin Wood
Jun 2, 2021 | $2000 Challenge

One surefire recipe for going faster? Put a V8 in a car that didn’t come with one from the factory–bonus points for adding forced induction.

Naturally, this recipe can often be completed on the cheap, as forum user crusiermatt has demonstrated by mounting an inexpensive GT45 turbocharger on a Chevrolet LH6 V8 and dropping it into a 1995 BMW 325i.

The car competed in the 2020 Challenge, but crusiermatt has big plans to make the BMW even more completive for 2021 that includes “a better converter, most likely a quality single fuel pump, and an actual radiator.”

Keep an eye on the “2020 build, 1995 BMW 325i sedan” thread to see those plans take shape, and go and enter your low-buck racing machine at if you haven’t already.

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