What’s a Foxette? What happens when a Mustang body meets a Corvette chassis, apparently. | Your Projects

By Colin Wood
Jun 8, 2021 | Chevrolet, Ford, Mustang, Corvette, Your Projects

For forum user rpbritt, simply putting an LS V8 into a Fox-body Mustang wasn’t enough, so, instead, they decided to take that Mustang body and fit it over a Corvette C5 body and dubbed the project the “Foxette.”

[How to turn a C5 Corvette into a full-on track machine.]

Why not just buy some go-fast bits for the Mustang? We’ll let rpbritt explain: “The more and more I looked over my Fox, the more and more I wasn't happy with the fox platform and the abundance of Foxbodies that exist now with a Maximum Motorsports bolt-on kits. Decided C5s were cheap enough and I liked the suspension so why not change it up?”

Specifically, rpbritt is stretching the body of a four-cylinder, ‘93 Ford Mustang­–rpbritt’s high school ride–over the chassis of a 2002 Corvette that “was hit in the passenger door pretty hard.”

So far, the Mustang is down to a mostly bare shell, and the Corvette has been freed of its fiberglass body. See how the rest of this project turns out on the “Foxette - Foxbody and C5 Corvette Mashup” thread over on the Builds and Project Cars forum.

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