You Need This: Honda Beat

By Ed Higginbotham
Nov 16, 2017 | Honda

Looking for a real Japanese-spec car? You wouldn’t be foolish to start your search at Duncan Imports and Classic Cars. They proclaim to hold the largest inventory of Japanese-spec and right-hand-drive cars. Today we’re training our spotlight on this low-mileage 1991 Honda Beat.

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Trackmouse SuperDork
11/16/17 11:13 a.m.

One of these sold on BAT recently for 5200$, a steal. 

psteav Dork
11/17/17 8:47 a.m.

There's a facebook group called "Obscure Cars for Sale" that has a member who is living in Japan and imports JDM stuff to the west coast.  A week or so ago, he posted a yellow beat in "beater" shape (frankly, I didn't think it looked that bad - some scratches and dings, but mechanically fine) for $3,300 shipped to any ro-ro port in the U.S.  Seemed like a screaming deal to me if you wanted a driver as opposed to the really, really nice sunny day car at the top of the thread.

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