Your Projects: The 33-Year-Long MGA Restoration (and Counting)

By Colin Wood
Mar 13, 2021 | MGA, Your Projects

How long did your last project take? A few months? A year? What about 33 years?

So far, that’s how long forum user Apis Mellifera has been working to restore an MGA that his father originally purchased in the late ‘80s—the last MGA his father would end up acquiring. (His father has since gone on to enjoy other British classics.)

As often happens, people change jobs, get married, have kids and retire, putting “the Last MGA” on the back burner for a number of years.

The car was never totally forgotten by Apis Mellifera and his father, though, as the MGA has most recently been repainted in green, with plans for it to be “done for real” by 2025.

Get the full story at the “New personal record for longest restoration: 33 years” thread, and let us know what the longest ongoing project you’ve ever had is.

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wspohn SuperDork
3/13/21 12:53 p.m.

I've owned many MGAs (and currently retain 3, a Mk 2 Deluxe Coupe, my old Twin Cam race car and a 1500 with Fiberfab Jamaican body and GM V6 driveline).

Some of the (many) other MGAs I've owned were partially restored or used as beaters or waited many years to get to the point where I had time to restore them. But I have never held one anywhere near 33 years, if only in order to avoid 32 years worth of "Why don't you get rid of it if you aren't going to do anything with it?"

You are a good example for all of us slow restorers though - someone to point at and say "See - sometimes it takes awhile!"


PS - closest I've come was a mid 1700s grandfather clock that I had owned for 45 years before restoring it - and don't think I didn't hear about that every intervening year!

cdowd (Forum Supporter)
cdowd (Forum Supporter) Dork
3/17/21 8:03 p.m.

I have been at mine for 30 years so I understand.  We have been through many but still have this the xk120 and 63 Alfa spider

cdowd (Forum Supporter)
cdowd (Forum Supporter) Dork
3/17/21 8:05 p.m.

spitfirebill MegaDork
3/17/21 8:53 p.m.
cdowd (Forum Supporter) said:

I have been at mine for 30 years so I understand.  We have been through many but still have this the xk120 and 63 Alfa spider

I've got a Spitfire that has taken about that long.

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