Your Projects: Building an All-Electric Burnout Kart From Scratch

By Colin Wood
Sep 25, 2020 | electric, Go Kart, Your Projects, kart

Downsizing doesn't always mean minimizing the fun. For example, take forum member angusmf's latest project of converting a "bumper kart" into an all-electric, Aussie-style burnout machine. Even though it's smaller than a traditional car-based burnout machine, the kart's size may make it even more fun.

As far as the drivetrain for this project, the powerplant is a "combo of golf cart and older EV stuff" picked up from OfferUp.

So far the project seems to be progressing in some sort of direction, as at least one axle is spinning under its own power. Here's a bonus build video if reading isn't really your thing (don't worry, we'll only judge a little).

Don't want to miss out on the first burnout from angusmf's electric kart? Make sure you head over to the Builds and Project Cars Forum now.

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angusmf Reader
9/26/20 3:14 p.m.

Gosh! Thank you for the shout out! And thanks to everybody who's clicked the vid! Skip to the end for the good part, but you'll miss some dancing somewhere near the middle. :)

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