Your Projects: Building a Teardrop Camper From Scratch

By Colin Wood
Jun 22, 2020 | Your Projects, Travel Trailer

Camping can be an enjoyable escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. One of the best ways to partake is to hook up a travel trailer to your vehicle, and then set off to the nearest (or farthest) camping spot you can find.

Forum user ScottyB took things a step further, though, by building a teardrop trailer instead of buying one.

How did it go? ScottyB sums it up best: "I had some big wins, screwed some stuff up, and had to make some big changes on the fly. In the end it all came together, and that's just how it goes."

Check out the build thread over on Builds and Project Cars Forum to see how a pile of metal and wood became whole teardrop trailer.

Also, a question for the rest of you: When did you decide to build instead of buying? How did it go? Tell us about in the comments below. 

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