DIY Paint Correction Isn’t as Scary as You Think | Your Projects

By Colin Wood
Mar 24, 2021 | Your Projects, paint correction

Although the thread starts off explaining that “I don't do this stuff for a living.  I am a computer nerd who does car things,” forum user corsepervita goes into significant detail about DIY paint correction after other forum members voiced interest after he paint corrected his Dodge Viper.

We’ll let corsepervita explain the full process, but we will let you know that all it takes is a few careful steps, some elbow grease and, according to corsepervita’s estimates, less than $200 in materials.

So go check out the “Paint Correction - Because even bad paint can be improved” thread to see how easy it is to fix those bad patches of paint—and how to make that project look a little less like a project.

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