Your Projects: Getting More Seat Time With a V6 Mustang

By Colin Wood
Aug 24, 2020 | Ford, Mustang, Your Projects, v6

What's the best way to take a break from a project? How about starting another one?

That's exactly what forum user Patientzero did, by putting the LS3-powered 2002 Mustang on the back burner and instead focusing on a newer Mustang with two fewer cylinders.

That's right, Patientzero's newest project is a 2007 V6 Mustang.

For this project, the plan isn't all-out speed, but rather building a "trainer car" that's both reliable and well-prepared. That way, Pateintzero can get more seat time at autocross events and the like.

The plan, then, is to keep the Mustang mostly stock. So far, modifications have included wider wheels, a set of Brembo brakes from a GT500, a set of adjustable anti-roll bars and a strut tower brace.

Read more about Patientzero's "trainer" Mustang over on the Builds and Project Cars Forum.

A question for everyone else: Do you have a car you use to get more seat time in? What modifications have you done to it (if any)?

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ddavidv PowerDork
8/24/20 9:18 p.m.

The V6 S197s are decent cars. I was surprised how well my bone stock 4.0 did on the track at Summit when I tried it on a whim. The only downside was the speed limiter. With some sway bars and lower springs the car can hold its own. 210hp isn't horrible (300 if you get the 3.7).

Patientzero GRM+ Memberand HalfDork
8/24/20 9:29 p.m.

In reply to ddavidv :

How stock was it?  I wanted to get a few things done before I go to the track but I'm curious how it would do completely stock.

I think bare minimum I'll put on the new wheel/tires, brakes, and brake fluid flush.  I don't trust the stock replacement pads to not melt and there is no point in buying better pads if I already have the Brembos.  

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