How to Fit an LS Cylinder Head to a Ford Inline-Six Engine Block | Your Projects

By Colin Wood
Mar 12, 2021 | Your Projects, LS, Ford 300

What does the Chevrolet LS V8 and Ford 300 inline-six have in common? Normally, nothing.

But in this rare case, they are both contributing parts to forum user Mr_Asa’s project: fitting the head from an LS to the block of a Ford 300.

As you might be able to imagine, it’s not an exact fit, and that’s just overlooking the fact that an LS head is meant to fit a bank of four cylinders, not six.

The solution, then, would be to carefully cut one of the heads in half, and then weld that half to the other head.

So, will the head fit, and, more importantly, will the engine run? You’ll have to follow the LS Headed 300: Brainstorming problems” thread for future updates.

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jimbbski SuperDork
3/11/21 9:14 a.m.

Nothing new.  They've been cutting up and welding cylinders heads for this re-purposing for years. My favorite was done some 40 years ago. A Ford Boss headed Ford 300 I6. Much harder to do as the head was cast iron. 

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