Your Projects: A Jeep Cherokee Project That Was Not Supposed To Be a Project

By Colin Wood
Nov 12, 2020 | Jeep, Your Projects, cherokee

Here’s a story that might sounds familiar to some of us: You go and buy a vehicle to fulfill a specific purpose—like a daily driver or a winter beater—and you plan on keeping it stock, save for some quality-of-life upgrades. Of course, before you recognize what has happened, you look in your driveway and see that definitely-not-a-project has most definitely turned into a project.

Such is the case for forum user Toyman01, whose 2000 Jeep Cherokee was supposed to be nothing more than a “a beater, long range camping transport, and sometime driver for my 17 yo son.”

That was in 2016.

Flash forward to today, and the Cherokee now sports a number of off-road upgrades like a winch, a roof rack, a snorkel intake and a whole storage system behind the rear seats—with some more capable tires and shocks in the works.

To learn just how this this 2000 Jeep Cherokee turned itself into a project, head over to the build thread over on the Builds and Project cars Forum.

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