One Person’s Vandalized Mercedes-AMG SL55 Is Another Person’s Treasure | Your Projects

By Colin Wood
Mar 22, 2021 | Mercedes-AMG, Your Projects, SL55

Normally, when a theft-recovery Mercedes-AMG SL55 pops up on Facebook Marketplace for $5000, most people would probably keep scrolling. But not for forum user GrayWolf, who admits that the SL55 “is a car I had on my wall when I was a kid, I had to have it.”

$4500 later (the original owner reduced the price), and GrayWolf was the owner of the AMG that, surprisingly, seemed to be in fairly good condition, all things considered: “It runs and drives, no check engine lights and even the AC works. I carfaxed the VIN and the previous owner had the ABC system replaced last year and the car was dealer maintained most of its life. Even the vandalism is minor in the grand scheme of things.”

The plan, then, for this SL55 is to do any and all maintenance the car requires before making it go even faster. As GrayWolf explains, “I built an E55 for my buddy years back and I'm familiar with how spicy the M113K can be with a little bit of sauce.”

Read more about GrayWolf’s $4500 Mercedes-AMG over on the SL55 AMG Project” thread over on the Builds and Project Cars Forum.

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