Your Projects: This Suzuki Every Turbo RZ Super Multi Roof Is a Mouthful

By Colin Wood
Apr 28, 2020 | Suzuki, Your Projects, Every Turbo RZ Super Multi Roof

No, a 10-year-old didn't name randman2011's Suzuki Every Turbo RZ Super Multi Roof. That's actually what Suzuki called this model. The real kicker is how much the kei van cost randman2011: a whopping $280.

That's not a typo. Due to a mistake in the listing, virtually all of the other bidders backed out, leaving the door open for randman2011 to cast the winning bid. The fun had only begun, though, as the van still needed to be shipped halfway across the world from Japan to Indiana.

A few anxious weeks later, the Suzuki Every Turbo RZ Super Multi Roof had arrived.

The good? It's a totally awesome, right-hand-drive kei van. The bad? The little Suzuki van was dirty and needed love.

Once randman2011 had the van cleaned up, the next order of business was to upgrade the infotainment and sound system, which consisted of a single tweeter integrated into the factory head unit.

As a fan of kei cars ourselves, we're excited to see how this project goes.

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