Your Projects: Two Brothers Build a Time Attack Supra

By Colin Wood
Sep 3, 2020 | Toyota, Supra, Your Projects, MK3

Siblings can either be the best teammates or the worst critics, but for forum member RyanGreener, the former seems to be true.

Along with his brother, RyanGreener plans on building up an Mk3 Supra for Time Attack competitionRyanGreener will handle the driving, while his brother will handle the building and engineering.

Although both brothers have owned Mk3 Supras, it's the white Supra belonging to RyanGreener's brother that will get the Time Attack treatment.

The car in question has already been through quite a few phases, but more recently it looks a bit like this:

Since then, the Mk3 Supra is getting some well-deserved upgrades, starting with a set of fancy Öhlins TTX shocks.

To stay in the loop on this Time Attack Supra build, be sure to head over to the Builds and Project Cars Forum.

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