Your Projects: World’s Worst Subaru?

By Ed Higginbotham
Oct 13, 2017 | Subaru

There’s nothing like claiming a new project: The ideas are big, the potential is bottomless, and stellar results seem within reach. But what happens when the high fades and you’re left with a job more difficult than you could have imagined? Forum member enginenerd brought home this Subaru Impreza STi knowing that it had some major engine issues. However, his quest for a serviceable car would take him much deeper than that.

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10/16/17 3:13 p.m.

So whats going on with the subie?

93gsxturbo Dork
10/16/17 6:10 p.m.

All your photobuckets are belong to us.  I am disappoint.  

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