Beefing up our driveshaft | Project vintage race Mustang

Update by Tim Suddard to the Ford Mustang Fastback project car
May 4, 2022

Photography by Tim Suddard

Our 1965 Mustang didn’t come with a driveshaft, but we scored a good used one at Cobra Automotive. While the U-joints seemed okay, we wanted to make sure that we had fresh ones before hitting the track.

The crew at Cobra Automotive recommended heavy-duty Spicer U-joints instead of no-name replacements. The part number is 5-1330X, and they cost about $30 each.

These heavy-duty U-joints were used in a lot of trucks but also work as a high-performance upgrade for cars.

To avoid any balancing issues, before pressing out the old joints we marked everything. We also scuffed and painted the driveshaft.

At the same time, we installed a driveshaft yoke that we also picked up while visiting Cobra Automotive. Early Shelbys had these from the factory to keep the car from pole vaulting into the air in case of a front U-joint failure.

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