Heat shielding: How to keep cool when the racing gets hot

Update by Tim Suddard to the Ford Mustang Fastback project car
Jun 6, 2023 | Ford, Mustang

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As we learned the hard way, we should have installed our DEI Floor & Tunnel Shield II material before we fit the drivetrain. Not having to work this self-adhesive piece of shielding around the bellhousing and transmission would have been much easier otherwise.

We started with a 42x48-inch piece of material ($234.95) and had enough for both the Mustang and our Classic Motorsports Bugeye Sprite project.

This material easily cuts with upholstery shears and has memory, like aluminum foil. Simply stick it to limit heat transfer: on firewalls and floors, around exhausts and rear ends. We focused on keeping heat from the transmission tunnel out of the cockpit.

While we worked to keep our brake and fuel lines clear of the exhaust system, we also used some of this material to provide protection where needed.

We also covered the fuel line with some of DEI’s 1-inch aluminized sleeving. This product should help keep our fuel cool as it moves toward the carburetor.

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