How to install a harness and window net

Update by Tim Suddard to the Ford Mustang Fastback project car
Feb 5, 2024 | Ford, Mustang, Safety, Lifeline, I/O Port Racing, Joes Racing Products, Longacre

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Our Mustang vintage racer had a seat, but what else did we need to keep the driver secure? That’s right, a harness and, should things go sideways, a window net.

1. Lifeline added harnesses to its lineup–driver protection, the company states, is its sole mantra–and aims to build the best in the business by offering a fully featured, premium solution. We ordered its Copse six-point, FIA-approved harness in the HANS-compatible, 2-inch size. These belts feature aluminum, spring-loaded adjusters as well as strategically located Velcro loops for communication cables and drink tubes. 

2. To mount the Lifeline harness to the outer sill and transmission tunnel, we welded in the included bosses but backed them up with 1/8-inch steel plate. The shoulder mounts wrap around the cage. 

3. A window net should cover most of the side window–ideally the entire opening–and we found I/O Port’s 18x24-inch net to fit perfectly. At the bottom, five straps secure it to the roll cage’s upper door bar. For the top of the net, Ken at I/O Port Racing Supplies recommended the mount kit from Joes Racing Products as its anodized red release is easy to locate and operate. We installed the included tabs before painting our roll cage, leaving the rod tight enough to stay in position on a bumpy race track but loose enough for easy removal.

4. While the window net keeps the driver inside the car during a wreck, roll bar padding protects those flailing limbs. Following the advice of Ken at I/O Port, we installed Longacre roll bar padding to several of our cage’s tubes, including the upper door bar, under-dash bar, A-pillar bar, the complete halo and the front, lower bar–basically anything that our driver could contact.

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