914 Rust Repair

Update by Tim Suddard to the Porsche 914 project car
Feb 16, 2001

Rust repair, even on a relatively rust-free car like our Project 914 is tedious, dirty and dangerous work (I don’t know why I love it so). So far, we have fixed the minor hole in the rocker panel and surface rust in both trunks. We have built and welded in a new channel (where the weather seal fits) for the front trunk.

We have also welded in new rear trunk hinge mounting brackets. Breaking these brackets off is a common 914 problem. They quickly rust, because owners do not lubricate the rear trunk hinge pivot points. We sourced these parts, plus a new battery tray and battery tray stand from Automobile Atlanta. After we replaced the trunk hinge mounting brackets we realized that Automobile Atlanta sells full instructions for this job for $10.00. This might have been helpful, but common sense told us to put the new ones where the old ones had been, tack weld them in place and then test fit the rear trunk lid before welding everything permanently.

The next big project was to fix the area underneath this battery tray. Rust comes creeping into this area on most 914s because the battery leaks acid down onto the engine shelf area. Pelican Parts sells a replacement engine shelf, which is what most of this area is called. Although technically, we only had minor damage in this area, we went ahead and bought this piece so we could make a really nice repair.

Fortunately, between the 914 Network (Contact Perry Kiehl 800-867-4712), Pelican Parts and Automobile Atlanta we have been able to find all the parts, and perhaps more importantly all the expertise we have needed to restore this complicated little Porsche.

In the June 2001 issue we will be officially starting this project. First we will be looking into making more power for the 914 engine, and then by diving into more detail on rust repair and body and paint work.

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