Progressing nicely

Update by Tim Suddard to the Triumph Spitfire (Ro-Spit) project car
Jan 23, 2003

Project Ro-Spit has been progressing over the past few months and will appear in the March 2003 issue. Over the Christmas holiday, Rennie Bryant, Steve Ekerich and Charlie Shatzen of Mazcare helped us with a host of improvements. First up was the installation of a new Electromotive Tech III fuel injection system to replace the Tech II system on the car.

The main reason for the change was to add staged injectors. The two 72 lb. per hour injectors are so big on our normally aspirated Mazda 13B rotary that we can’t slow them down enough to avoid a flat spot at low rpm. With staged injectors we will run smaller primary injectors and then keep the big ones for a good upper-rpm wallop. At the same time, we also installed a beautiful new internal fuel pump kit from ATL. This kit took weight off the car and by moving the fuel pump into the fuel cell, neatened up the trunk area a bunch.

Speaking of weight, we are also revising the exhaust system to something lighter, using Borla pieces and we have gone to a smaller, lighter battery in the trunk. All in all, combined with a lighter fiberglass nose, we should have our Ro-Spit right down in the 1500 pound area, which is proper fighting weight for SCCA E Mod autocrossing.

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