New Engine: Take Two

Update by Per Schroeder to the LeGrand Mk 18 project car
Mar 29, 2010

A new-to-us ZX10R engine goes back in the car.
This Moroso breather should help keep our oil level from causing a mess.
A 6-pound Braille battery helped our car lose about 10 pounds.
The "passenger seat" area is now empty—and it's a great spot to mount ballast.

We found another 2006 Kawasaki ZX10R engine to replace the one we killed at the SCCA National Tour in Georgia. Since bike engines are so cheap, it made more sense to spend $1200 on having a good used one shipped to us rather than rebuilding the one we had.

The engine install was pretty straightforward, although we took the opportunity to make a few improvements along the way. We installed a Moroso breather tank above the airbox to allow the crankcase vent to puke up a little oil during high-rpm/high-g-load maneuvers and then drain back down into the sump. This design is very similar to one we saw on a modern Stohr sports racer, and it should allow us to run the higher oil level needed to keep the engine happy.

Next, we installed a 6-pound Braille AGM battery in place of our 14-pound XS Power cell. While we were at it, we relocated the new unit to the area in front of the right-rear tire. This move resulted in a slew of benefits, including a simplified electrical system, fewer failure points, and the removal of about 2 pounds of wiring. It also cleared out the “passenger seat” area of the car, creating a convenient spot to mount lead or tungsten weights for ballast in case of lighter co-drivers. The only downside: extra weight on an already heavy corner. However, some future changes should help in that regard.

Next up, we’ll be reworking our oil pan to keep the oil flowing smoothly.

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