Orange You Glad It’s Not Green?

Update by Per Schroeder to the LeGrand Mk 18 project car
Jul 5, 2011

The gelcoat is a vibrant orange.
We lost 12 pounds in the front nose section alone.
We're tracking our weight loss progress using our trusty Longacre scales.

Our new orange body is back from the fiberglass shop, and now we’re starting the mounting process. To speed up the process a bit, we’re reusing some of the fasteners from the green body.

One of our major goals for adding this new bodywork is to reduce the weight of the car. With the green body, we were crossing the scales at 1057 pounds—some 37 pounds over the minimum weight for the class. Those excess pounds equate to 3.7 percent of the car’s mass. We’re hoping to get much closer to the minimum through weight reduction on the car (and the driver.) Our old setup weighed about 820 pounds without the driver. (Yes, our driver weighed about 235 pounds dressed at the Dixie National Tour—and add 3 pounds for the helmet.)

The car’s chassis weighs just 720 pounds, and this new body weighs 55 pounds. That’s putting us at about 775 pounds before we add the wing and the new diffuser; our old wing assembly weighed about 16 pounds, and our new wing weighs right around 10 pounds. You can see that we’re rapidly approaching our goal and will likely need some ballast to bring the car up to its minimum weight at Nationals. Our driver is also on a pretty solid exercise and diet regimen and has lost 7 pounds of biological ballast.

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