Pre-Nationals Work for LeGrand

Update by Per Schroeder to the LeGrand Mk 18 project car
Aug 16, 2011

A busy day in the garage.
We're reworking the breather setup to reduce oil spillage.
We've gotten the chain—now we're just waiting for the larger front sprocket.
Thermo-Tec's header blanket will help keep our coolant system functioning properly.

In just a few short weeks, we’ll be in Nebraska for the Solo National Championships. We’re busy fiddle-farting around with some little issues that have cropped up.

We’re reworking the breather setup so that we’ll encounter fewer oil leaks and less spray from the breather tank. This involves stuffing the breather tank full of stainless scrubby (mesh) that will keep oil from sloshing around when it does get pushed up into the tank.

Next, we’re going to be changing the smaller front sprocket from 13t to a 14t to account for the fact that we’ll be running 20x9x13-inch slicks instead of our usual 22.5x10x13 meat. The reason for this change is simple: The smaller-diameter tires are lighter and, despite the named size, aren’t any narrower.

Finally, we used one of Thermo-Tec’s header blankets to prevent the heat from the header from warming up the coolant system’s expansion tank. We’ve been having some boiling issues with the tank, but we think they’re mostly due to the fact that the tank is 6 inches away from the very hot header. The temps on the gauge rarely go over 220.

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