Bjorn Badass

Update by Per Schroeder to the Saab 99 project car
Jul 24, 2007

I (Per) can often be heard calling people that look tough the slightly sarcastic phrase, “Well aren’t you a Billy Badass?” While that has yet to get me beaten up by a guy named “Ace” it’s not always appropriate. Take our Saab 99. We installed a quartet of Hella 500s on the nose and at first, I thought, “that’s totally Billy Badass!” but I quickly corrected myself, “nope, that’s Bjorn Badass.” Well, whatever it is, we’ve now got auxilliary lights that should handle our nighttime TSD and stage rally needs.

We found the four lights on a MINI messageboard for $80 shipped. There are two driving lights (in the center) and two fogs (the outer positions)

The four lights also came with a wiring harness, this switch panel and one switch. We went out and found two more than sort of match. We’ll also be adding a rear fog light to the mix.

Based upon some feedback from we moved the tow strap mounting point to the body, rather than the bumper bracket. We reinforced the backside with a steel plate that is welded into the chassis.

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