Brake Lines, Flaring tools, oh my

Update by Per Schroeder to the Saab 99 project car
Aug 28, 2007

Our sound deadening experiments are over and we are now running brake lines to reroute our braking circuit in the Saab.

The Saab 99, like many cars, has a diagonal brake circuit, where the left front wheel and right rear wheel are on the same circuit, as are the right front and left rear. This allows the brakes to still slow the car in the case where a brake line is punctured.

We are replacing the cable operated emergency brake (which operates on the front wheels of a Saab) with a hydraulic version from K Turn Rally Products that operates on the rear wheels. While we could simply tee’d off the two lines going to the rear so that they could go into the hydraulic handbrake unit and then re-tee’d it to go to both rear wheels, if we punctured a brake line, we’d have no brakes whatsoever. That’s bad.

So, our solution is to plumb the two front wheels on one circuit of the master cylinder and the two rear wheels on the other circuit, which will flow through our hydraulic handbrake that is being mounted between the seats.

We now have just one rear flex line that is tee’d off on the rear axle, with a line going to each of the rear wheels. We reused the factory 6-way junction block by cutting it in half to make two 3-way junction blocks. This one is mounted on the rear axle, the one for the front wheels is mounted on the firewall near the master cylinder.

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