Bumpstick Baby

Update by Per Schroeder to the Saab 99 project car
Feb 18, 2008

We’ve ordered a hotter camshaft, dual valve springs and a lightened flywheel from Motor Sport Service at (716) 665-4200. The owner, Jack Lawrence, is a longtime Saab guru who has been building these engines for decades.

The rest of the engine is at the machine shop here in town, where the machinist is checking to see what size bearings and pistons we’ll need to order for the bottom end.

Meanwhile, a Saturday trip to the junkyard netted us a pair of rear springs from a Saab 900. Those, coupled with a pair of spring spacers from SASAB, should raise the rear of our rally car about one inch. The extra ride height should limit how much our car bottoms out on rough stages. Some of the action pictures from the SandBlast Rally highlight how much our car’s butt was dragging over the rough stuff. This should solve it.

The spring on the left has a thicker-diameter wire, so it winds up being stiffer despite the similar free length.

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