Clutch Job on a Saab.

Update by Per Schroeder to the Saab 99 project car
May 1, 2007

We installed the clutch last night. We just need to fill the coolant system and the car should be good for daily driving.

The clutch in an older Saab can be removed with both the engine and transmission still in the car. The trick is this removable input shaft, which comes out the front of the transmission case. The radiator needs to be removed to make this easy.

We used a Centerforce clutch. It’s got weights on the clutch tines to increase clamping load as RPM increases. The flywheel side of the Centerforce Dual-Friction disc is a carbon-composite puck style. The pressure plate side is a more traditional lining. The result is streetability, with good holding grip.

We’re wrapping up the rust repair on the passenger side. We POR-15’ed the repaired areas. This will be followed by some seam sealer in the non-cosmetic areas and filler on the areas that are visible.

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