1984 AMC Eagle

1984 AMC Eagle

Used as a support vehicle for years in SCCA rally events, this Eagle Wagon was purchased in Colorado and driven back to Florida. It is used for rallycross and as a daily parts chaser, dog hauler and grocery getter. Future plans include a 4.0 H.O. cylinder head swap and lots of cosmetic work.

Latest updates

Jun 15, 2010
Eagle Makeover

Our Eagle gets even sexier!

May 4, 2007
The price is right

We go hunting for an Eagle heart transplant.

Nov 22, 2006
Bird guts

We find out what happens when you drive a 4 wheel drive vehicle with different diameter tires on the front and rear axles, with the transfer case not fully disengaged. …

May 22, 2006
Dirty Bird

Even though there is a ton of snowfall in Colorado, salt isn’t used to clear the roads, saving our machine from rust. The dry climate, high altitude, and intense sun …

May 11, 2006
The Eagle has landed

This is going to take some explaining. Ya see, when I first got the bug for an AMC Eagle to do Rally-Cross battle against the invading WRX’s and EVO’s, the …

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