We Meet Again, Mr. 2

Update by J.G. Pasterjak to the Toyota MR2 project car
Feb 3, 2005

So, by now you probably know that we have an ‘85 MR2 in the stables once again. One thing we’re noticing this time around is that, although the car still feels modern, it’s starting to age. And with age come the need to replace certain non-performance items that help the car function. Most of what we’ve already written about the car (look for stories to start appearing soon) deals with the need to “restore” more modern cars and the companies and knowledge bases out there set up to assist with such projects.

We were recently introduced to one such product out of necessity. The engine lid prop on our car disappeared one day after the grommet that secures it to the body wore out and allowed it to fall out and attempt life on its own.

A visit to a couple of junkyards told us that we’d either be replacing it with a piece of equally crappy disrepair, or paying the exorbitant dealer price for what amounted to a piece of metal and plastic that they probably paid some Malaysian kid a third of a penny to make.

The solution was discovered when we visited Twos-R-Us, which is the distribution arm of Club MR2. Twos-R-Us has a slick little kit that replaces your original manual prop rod with a slick gas-actuated rod and is available for any first generation MR2.

The kit is almost too easy to install-it only took about ten minutes-and requires only a 10mm socket, 10mm open end wrench and a Phillips screwdriver. Basically, you remove anything that’s left of the old grommet, bolt on the supplied posts into pre-existing holes on the car, then pop on the gas rod. It really is that easy.

Better still, the kit can be yours for only $35. That’s almost too cheap. Okay, MAYBE you could figure out a way to get these pieces together separately, and save maybe a nickel. But this kit is a seamless bolt on and more than worth the price (which even includes shipping).

If your MR2’s prop rod is gone, or just getting on your nerves, pry $35 out of your pocket and buy one of these kits.

Look for more MR2 goodies in the near future as work progresses on our car.

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