Battle Scars

Battle scars are always an improvement--well, maybe not always.
Good thing our radiator is still intact.
What's cutting our belt? We'll need to look further, but perhaps it's the Spitfire bumper that has become our belt tensioner..

We are just the kind of people to show an old, beat-up car a good time.

Our Lincoln MkVII is a tough bully of a car. However, not many cars can run around a high-speed roval for 14 hours without incident; the Lincoln was no exception. Time to assess the damages our Lincoln MkVII endured after the 14 Hours of Charlotte ChumpCar race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

We knew bad things had happened in Charlotte: There was grease coating the car’s rear end, the grille was smashed in, a horrible vibration came from the motor, and the transmission shifted as slow as—well, really slow. We knew the car needed some love, and we are just the kind of people to show an old, beat-up car a good time.

So, what did we break?

  • Rear passenger wheel bearing
  • Engine mount
  • The entire front fascia
  • Accessory belt (it’s a bit chewed up)

Also, we discovered some faulty items on our car that really need to be sorted before the next race. We need to:

  • Add proper headlights
  • Add more running lights and taillights
  • Wire data-logger to operate independently of the kill switch
  • Replace ABS master cylinder with something more functional and less “intelligent”

Also, there is a really loud clunking sound originating from the front suspension when the car corners. Perhaps the anti-roll bars are hitting our homemade suspension. We’re going to inspect the front suspension with the springs removed. While we’re at it, we may as well plot our suspension geometry for tuning purposes, too.

Look forward to more updates as we rebuild our beaten and battered car.

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