Fiddling With a Fuse Box

A multimeter is a must for chasing electrical gremlins. Those probes will ferret 'em right out.
It's hard to stick your head under the fusebox in any car, but it's especially tough when the doors are welded shut. Matt discovered we had stuck a fuse back in the wrong spot.

Our wiring “expert” is just our intern, Matt. He wired the car up in the first place. Being partial to Mitsubishis, he had a DSM fusebox sitting around at the time. That became the wiring hub for the Lincoln.

Everything was working fine and dandy until recently. We played around with some alternator wiring, installed a new coil, and suddenly our car wouldn’t start. You could crank it all day, but it had no spark. Everything was working fine before. What gives?

Matt busted out the multimeter and started chasing current. Eventually he tracked the problem to the fusebox. The box itself was fine, as were all the fuses. Well, the fuses weren’t burnt, but one was in the wrong place. One of us had put it back in the wrong spot after checking it at some point.

Our solution: Mark the fuse locations with a permanent marker. That way we won’t again install a fuse on an inactive circuit

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