GRM Lincoln Project final testing

What form, what grace. We're ready for PBIR.
Before we could hit the track, we had to make some quickie carb repairs.
What's wrong with this picture? Yeah, a little high, especially on a really cold day.
And what's wrong with this picture? Yeah, coolant shouldn't be that color.
A cheap single-core radiator got us back in the game.
Tire wear wasn't an issue at all.
At speed, the Lincoln is a pussy cat.

We probably ran 30 laps at the European Rally School. That might make it one of the best-tested cars out there.

The Lincoln runs. And it has tasted the track—twice in the last few days.

The European Rally School recently added a 2-mile, 16-turn road course to their facility. It’s located in Starke, Florida, not too far from the GRM offices. You can learn more at As we learned, it’s also been a good place to shakedown a car.

The first day didn’t go so well, as a backwards accelerator pump spring first tried to stymie us. Then the temp gauge quickly hit the 240-degree mark. Flushing out the radiator for 20 minutes didn’t help. Somewhere we had a clog.

We needed a quick solution, and a local auto parts store had a radiator in stock for a 1986 Mustang. It bolted in place, but is thinner than the one that we pulled. Still, it got us back on track.

The second day went better. The Lincoln is surprisingly easy to drive, but slow. We’re banking on that Ford V8 holding up, though.

The front springs are also way too soft. We tried some spring rubbers, but the front end was bouncing all over the place.

On the plus side, our Kumho tires held up very, very well. There’s a tiny bit of scalloping, but nothing serious at all. We wonder, can we go the whole race on one set?

We were also able to calculate our fuel mileage: 8 mpg when driven at a full clip.

We probably ran 30 laps at the European Rally School. We hope it will be enough to assure a decent showing at the LeMons season ender at PBIR.

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HiTempguy UberDork
1/3/11 10:27 a.m.

There is no way the Lincoln could possibly be that quick. I'm calling post production tom-foolery on this video :P

leigerreign New Reader
1/4/11 8:29 a.m.

To be fair, you get to see more of the footage at that speed. It makes the video much more exciting IMHO. I'd rather see more driving anyways. I'm loving the videos of this car. So cool

turboswede UltimaDork
1/5/11 11:41 a.m.

Music over the in-car footage? Really? GRM FAIL! Must have the sweet music of the V8....

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