Just About Ready to Leave

Now it really looks like a race car. The sponsor stickers go with our Team Journalistic Integrity theme.
The stiffer Caddy springs--the taller ones in the back--should work better than the other ones we tried. Even spring rubbers didn't help.
Fresh fluid for the brakes.
Our hood is light, but it's a bit unwieldy. Two drawer pulls fixed that.

It’s just about time to head down to Palm Beach International Raceway for the LeMons season-ender.

It’s just about time to head down to Palm Beach International Raceway for the LeMons season-ender: THE PAINFULLY BLAND BOWL OF THIN LUKEWARM OATMEAL THAT CAN NOT POSSIBLY OFFEND ANYONE, NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY ENJOY BEING OFFENDED, 24-HOUR SEASON ENDER. As a result, we had one more night to work on the car.

First, we decided to replace the front springs. The ones we had installed were just too soft, and some spring rubbers weren’t helping. We found a pair of Cadillac Escalade rear coils in the junk pile, so we’re going to try them. We did lop off two coils, and our working rate should be near 600 lbs./in.

While we were at it, we replaced the right-front shock. Somehow ours was already blown.

The engine also has fresh oil, and there’s new Ate Super Blue brake fluid in the reservoir. We also changed the differential fluid, refilling the pumpkin with some Red Line 75-90.

Finally, the visual package: lots and lots of sponsor stickers. They support our theme, Team Journalistic Integrity.

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Nitroracer SuperDork
1/3/11 9:58 p.m.

Lovin the theme :thumbsup:

ckosacranoid Dork
1/31/11 6:58 p.m.

good luck with the beast and the event....

aussiesmg MegaDork
2/12/11 8:52 p.m.

Did you sort the fueling issue out?

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