On-Track Shakedown

Our track test told us a lot about the car. One of these things is that our dipstick seal is shot, which causes oil to spray onto the hot exhaust manifold.
We fixed that problem with some zip ties.

Testing is crucial to making the best of an endurance race. Even just three laps out on a track can bring a lot of problems out into the open. This we discovered when we took our Lincoln out to the Florida International Rally and Motorsport Park test track.

Our shift kit is working well, but we ran into a bit of an oil problem. The dipstick tube wasn’t sealing up properly, spilling oil onto the hot exhaust manifold and generating tons of smoke. We fixed it temporarily with zip ties; we’re looking for something more workable for the real race.

This, along with a few other bugs we have yet to sort out, is the kind of thing you don’t want to discover on race day. If checking the oil is part of every pit stop, cutting and reattaching zip ties is just one more thing to do—or forget to do—before the car can go back out on track.

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