Brake Check

David S.
Update by David S. Wallens to the Honda CRX HF project car
Oct 11, 2007

Now we know what size rotors we have.

The seller of our CRX didn’t do the swap, so he didn’t know everything about the car—including which front brakes were on it. The B-series tranny isn’t compatible with the HF front hubs, but he didn’t know if the brakes were swapped, too.

Stock HF rotors are 9.1 inches in diameter. CRX Si pieces are 9.5 inches. When doing a track car, generally bigger is better.

While we could have just removed the rotors and measured them, we didn’t feel like entering a project that day. A few minutes with a scrap of cardboard yielded our custom brake rotor caliper measuring tool. It only confirms whether or not a rotor is 9.1 inches across, but it seems to work well.

Now we need to find some Si brakes.

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