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David S.
Update by David S. Wallens to the Honda CRX HF project car
Sep 5, 2007

Not bad looking, huh? That’s original paint, baby. This is an ‘88 CRX HF, which was the lightest second-gen CRX available. It didn’t even get a right-side mirror.
The interior is clean. Thank you Mr. Previous Owner for keeping the car so tidy. The seats are recovered Si buckets. The steering wheel needs to go, however.
The back of the car is gutted. That doesn’t hurt our feelings. Someone painted some the interior plastic blue. That also doesn’t hurt our feelings.
How’s this for power: 160-horsepower B16A. We were surprised to see so many good deals on B-series Civics and CRXs. It’s almost a buyers market.

Please welcome our latest project car, our track rat. The premise is quite simple: build a safe, reliable, practical track toy without going broke.

The CRX fits that bill just fine. In typical Honda fashion, they age quite well. This one has covered more than 200,000 miles yet still feels and looks pretty darn solid. It also has a hatch, so it can easily carry a set of tires plus assorted other gear to the track.

CRX prices are also fairly reasonable. We purchased this ‘88 HF for $3200. This is how the car looked when we brought it home last night. We haven’t even given it a bath yet.

This series is slated to start next season in GRM. If you behave, we’ll probably give you some sneak peaks online.

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