Weight a Minute

Update by Scott Lear to the BMW 325is project car
May 1, 2008

Our Longacre scale tells the tale

We’ve done a lot of work to the BMW Spec E30 project lately, including a few jobs that can impact weight dramatically. For example, we removed the heavy stock exhaust and replaced it with the very light spec system. It was time to put the car on our Longacre corner-weight scales and see how it measured up.

The rules state that our car must weigh a minimum of 2750 pounds with the driver in place. Our fuel tank was much closer to full than it was to empty, so rather than try to drain it out, we topped it off to the brim. Knowing that street gasoline weighs approximately 6.2 pounds per gallon, our 16.5-gallon BM1B-style fuel tank would give us an approximate fuel weight of 100 pounds.

Now for the results. Those numbers in the photo read:

LF: 729 RF: 743 LR: 691 RR: 591 TOTAL: 2754 lbs.

This means that even with a nearly overflowing fuel tank and our driver in place, we’re just four skinny pounds over the minimum weight.

This blew our minds a little bit. The car was weighed with a spare wheel/tire and carpet in the trunk as well as fully operational all-glass power windows in the doors. Our driver weighs about 175 pounds in regular clothing, probably closer to 180 with a helmet and driving gear on.

Looks like we’re going to have to add some ballast.

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