Feb 6, 2019 update to the BMW 318is project car

Project BMW 318is: Upgrading Engine Management and Clutch

With our larger 2.0-liter M42 engine built up with help of Metric Mechanic—a process in which we combined components from both the M42 and M44—we were close being ready ready to put back in our BMW 318is project car. Before that, though, we wanted to upgrade the engine management and fuel injectors, as well as the clutch and flywheel.

To handle the amount of fuel that our larger engine would require, Metric Mechanic suggested that we use larger 19lb./hour injectors (as opposed to the stock 17 lb./hour injectors).

This, in conjunction with a re-flashed stock chip, gives us both a higher rpm limit and more appropriate fuel management for the larger M42 engine.

The final (optional) step to one of Metric Mechanic’s M42 engine builds is to replace the stock dual mass flywheel (shown below) with a standard M50 flywheel from an E30 325is that has been cut way down to save weight. A standard Sachs BMW 325is clutch will be mated to that flywheel. When we are done with this conversion, at least another 20 pounds will be shaved off the rotating mass.

From there, the engine and transmission will be combined to put back in the car. Remember to use a clutch locating tool and to mark your bell housing bolts, so you know which bolt goes where. We use a piece of cardboard and marker to do this.

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captainawesome Reader
2/8/19 9:14 a.m.

Are you running an m20 starter or swapping to the m20 bendix gear? If you change to the m20 starter, the wiring ends up being a little different than the stock setup. If wired wrong, it won't engage the unloader relay for the start sequence. Just a heads up from someone who's gone down that road.

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