Artsy Fartsy Photo Shoot

Update by Alan Cesar to the Mazda MX-5 Miata project car
Jul 19, 2011

High-contrast black and white accents the imperfections. I'm proud that it's a beater.
Visible Flyin' Miata frame rails. Hot colors and saturation!
These Konig Britelite wheels look so much nicer when they're clean. Toyo R1-Rs are grippy as shit, but getting balder by the day. Anyone want to give me a set of 205/50-15 tires for free?
The suspension looks saggy on the right. I'll have to check for broken springs again. It's only been 2 months since I bought this replacement set from Flyin' Miata. Bummer. I hope this doesn't mean I have a bent frame.

Last week, I finally took some time to wash my car. It’s been since long before my engine swap and subsequent road trip to Florida that it got a proper washing, so it had accumulated quite a bit of grime all over.

In celebration of its first hand-washing of the year, I celebrated with some delicious bourbon (neat) and an attempt at dredging up my melodramatic-artist photographic skills I cultivated for several years in college. For more details on the shoot, including high-res photos, click here.

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