How do you bust an injector?

Update by Alan Cesar to the Mazda MX-5 Miata project car
Jun 21, 2011

I reinstalled the cracked injector. I had to get home, after all.

I suppose the better question is: How did I bust an injector? My guess is it was during a recent O-ring replacement, during a botched reinstallation.

Miata injectors have a spacer that sit between the injector and the intake manifold, creating a vacuum-tight seal against the two. Mine, having 20 years and 250,000 miles on them, were no longer sealing against anything. I bought replacements, and when I was installing them last night, I noticed what’s pictured at right. A cracked injector. Local parts stores wanted $90 for the thing, and needed 2 days to get them. Knowing I could get them online in about as much time for half that cost, I said no.

Then I reinstalled the cracked injector. I had to get home, after all. I was doing this job in the GRM parking lot, as is my nature.

The new spacers are doing their job, and the car is running much better than before. Maybe it could be better still with a non-cracked injector — or indeed a full set of new ones — but for now, everything’s copacetic.

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