Retro Fabulous

Update by Alan Cesar to the Mazda MX-5 Miata project car
Jul 17, 2011

I installed this 350mm wheel after work, and am completely satisfied.

Perhaps “early ‘90s” doesn’t quite qualify as retro yet, but it’s gotta be close. My 1991 Miata is a mere five years away from qualifying for antique-vehicle plates in Illinois. The car’s age is showing though: Among its many quirks, it recently developed a malfunction in the air bag system. Instead of fixing it, I decided it was as good an excuse as any to find an aftermarket steering wheel. Another motivator: the leather on my wheel wasn’t in the best shape.

When I started poking around for a better wheel, David said he had an old Dino one sitting around. Dino is an Italian company that made these sorts of things. They’re also out of business; this particular wheel had been in his garage for more than a decade. Never used. After a bit of discussion, he settled on a price: I have to help him install the roll bar in his Miata.

I installed this 350mm wheel after work, and am completely satisfied. Just slightly smaller than stock, with a pretty beefy rim. The suede might not hold up well, but it feels good. It’s definitely an improvement.

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