All Aligned

David S.
Update by David S. Wallens to the Honda Civic Si project car
Aug 11, 2005

After we corner-weighted the car, we figured an alignment would be a good thing. And looking at the before-and-after numbers on the printout, that was a good move.

Going in, we put together our wish list for the technician at Granada Goodyear, cribbing a bit from Chris Shenefield’s tech pages.

Up front, we asked for just smidge of toe-out. Chris recommends about an 1/8th inch total toe-out for a street car, and we halved that figure in the interest of maintaining some tire wear. Out back, we have found that zero toe works well for us. We also asked that they even out the rear camber, as for some reason we had more on one side that the other.

Looking at the alignment printout, we’re glad we went: Up front, we had toe-in on one side and toe-out on the other. Our rear camber figures now also match.

On Sunday we headed out to Deland Airport for an SCCA autocross. How hot was it? Really freaking hot. The kind that makes one wonder what they’re doing outside.

Still, it was a fun event, although we battled some brake problems. The situation? Learn from our mistakes. We didn’t really have time to bed-in the pads, and they just weren’t ready for the day. In fact, the rears decided that they were ready about halfway into the braking zone for a slalom. They grabbed to nearly 100 percent at just about the wrong time, making for an interesting lap. Once we get a spare moment, we’ll properly bed them in.

When the final results were posted, we finished second in a five-car class. (The announcer said we were fourth, so we split to avoid the coming rain showers.)

Those second-place points now have us sitting second in the region’s point race. However, we have only run four events, and they require at least eight for a year-end trophy. Will we get in enough for a piece of hardware??

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