Stop trying to stop

David S.
Update by David S. Wallens to the Honda Civic Si project car
Aug 31, 2006

The other night, we used the Civic to run the puppies to the pet store. A little while after returning home, we noticed that the Civic’s taillights were on. Weird. Turns out the brake lights were on. And didn’t want to go off.

The answer was found on the floor mat: The crumbled blue remains of the pedal stop. It looked like someone had crushed up a blue crayon.

This isn’t the first pedal stop to disintegrate on us, so we’ll grab a few extras when we visit the Honda dealer. (For now, the brake light fuse has been pulled, and the car is parked.)

In autocross news, we ran the car this past weekend with the Central Florida SCCA. Since the last few autocrosses have been wet-weather affairs, we tried a different strategy: Run suitable tires.

We ran on our daily-driver BFGoodrich g-Force KDW tires and prayed for rain. Well, despite a favorable weather report, the skies were blue all day. On the plus side, the BFGs were strong under braking. They did get a little greasy, however. We finished third out of four that day—not great, but still fun.

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