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Update by David S. Wallens to the Mazda Miata project car
Dec 10, 2003

Our Miata has finally received a bath, and here’s the car’s the new stance with the Ground Control/Eibach springs. Ride height has been increased a bit in an effort to get the car up off the bumpstops. The overall ride quality is much, much better. It’s no ‘72 Caddy, but the ride is pretty good for a Miata on stiff springs.

The Miata also reached a milestone of sorts yesterday, as it hit 100,000 miles at approximately 5 p.m. The car didn’t combust at this point, which is good news. We celebrated the occasion by going slot car racing.

We also fixed the Miata’s wobbly “air-out” vents. The Miata’s HVAC system features four vents, and the two center ones tend to get wobbly with age. We read several different fixes online, and our solution was easy and effective.

First, using a small screwdriver, we pulled the center vents. Then we cleaned them, because they get a little gross over time. With the vent moved all the way to one direction, we stuck a little felt pad on the backside of the vent itself. The felt helps keep some tension (and friction) between the vent and its housing. It’s a little tight, but they no longer bounce around.

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