More RallyCross Preparation

Update by Per Schroeder to the Subaru Impeza project car
Dec 5, 2005

We got the Subaru back from BSI Racing and we’ve been scrambling to get the car ready for this weekend’s night RallyCross. We painted the cage and discovered that this is probably the largest pain in the ass in modern history. Painting a cage stinks…especially if you’re trying to do it a contrasting color. Next time, we’ll just paint it body color so the overspray doesn’t look like poo.

After the cage was dry, we installed rollbar padding from This high-density foam is much safer in a collision than the softer stuff.

A pair of 6-point harnesses were then bolted in. We sourced these from G Force Racing Gear

Since our next RallyCross is being held at night, we upgraded our lighting considerably. New Hella H4 bulbs were installed in the headlights and a pair of 4000 Compact fog and driving lights were mounted to the custom light bar. We’re going to be wiring these in with the supplied Hella harnesses and we’ll probably trigger them off of the high beams (when their respective switches are thrown).

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